An Integrated Approach for Modeling Three-Phase Micro Hydropower Plants

  title={An Integrated Approach for Modeling Three-Phase Micro Hydropower Plants},
  author={Achour El Hamdaouy and Issam Salhi and Said Doubabi and Najib Essounbouli and Mohammed Chennani},
  journal={European Journal of Electrical Engineering},
Received: 5 May 2019 Accepted: 9 August 2019 Micro hydropower plants (MHPPs) are often adopted to provide electricity to remote areas. To ensure the generation performance and power quality, the operators must have enough knowledge about the MHPP, especially its physical model. This paper proposes an integrated approach for modelling three-phase MHPPs in off-grid sites. The differential equations about the electrical operations and mechanical behaviors of the generator were fully integrated… Expand


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