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An Insight into E-Business Developments in Croatia

  title={An Insight into E-Business Developments in Croatia},
  author={Damir Kalpi{\'c}},
Development and presence of e-Business is an important factor of national economy. In Croatia, the banks were most successful in that aspect. Health authorities follow the suit with some delay. The e-Invoicing as the most popular aspect of e-Business has been obstructed due to inadequate legislation. Smart identity cards containing personal identification numbers and electronically supported administrative activities towards the Government are prerequisites for full spreading of e-Business. The… 


What, How and When - The Story of e-Banking in Croatia
The main reason is that up to early 2002 all companies' payments were done through a centralized system and banks started to do payment services for companies which were faced with a rather easy choice – continue using paper payment orders and receive service that is more expensive and slower than before.
Application of e-commerce in banking industry
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Possible application of standard e-commerce models in banking industry are presented and an example of combined B2C and B2B transactions is given.
An insight into efforts to establish computerization and e-services for public health in Croatia
A case study is presented describing some recent health-related computerization efforts and a current project concept encompassing the primary health care, central server of public health for the whole country and computerization of hospitals in Croatia.
Amerireal corporation: information technology and organizational performance
This instructional case, based on an actual firms experience (name changed), is intended to challenge student thinking with regard to the extent to which information technology (IT) can demonstrably
Credit card system for subsidized nourishment of university students
In Croatia the Ministry of Science and Technology is the major provider of funds for higher education. There are four universities, each consisting of a number of relatively independent and
E-Learning as Worldwide Support to Education of Language and Culture for a small country’ s Diaspora
Croatia is a country with relatively numerous emigr ant population and therefore one of its national st rategic commitments is to enhance connections with its Diaspora in order to nurture its
Application of smart cards in distributed information systems
The power of contemporary smart cards, which contain an embedded powerful computer, makes their area of application very extensive, especially in the field of information systems.
Also a Government group in charge of ident ification number (in Croatian), An interview led by Širanovi ć, Vesna
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