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An Insight in Explaining the Stress Distribution in and around EGS

  title={An Insight in Explaining the Stress Distribution in and around EGS},
  author={Mahmood Arshad and Masamichi Nakagawa and Kamran Jahanbakhsh and Lucila B. Dunnington},
  journal={arXiv: Geophysics},
Developing an Enhanced Geothermal System, otherwise known as EGS, is a complex process and is dependent on range of geological and operating variables. Stresses in and around EGS are believed to be either sound and non-harming or violent and catastrophic among different groups involved, directly or indirectly, in EGS. Pros and cons of EGS have been under discussion and research for a while now. This paper addresses issues associated with stress redistribution during and after working cycle of… 

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