An Insect Herbivore Microbiome with High Plant Biomass-Degrading Capacity

  title={An Insect Herbivore Microbiome with High Plant Biomass-Degrading Capacity},
  author={Garret Suen and J. J. Scott and Frank O. Aylward and Sandra M. Adams and Susannah G Tringe and Adri{\'a}n A. Pinto-Tom{\'a}s and Clifton E. Foster and Markus Pauly and Paul J. Weimer and Kerrie W Barry and Lynne A. Goodwin and Pascal Bouffard and Lewyn Li and Jolene Osterberger and Timothy T. Harkins and Steven C. Slater and Timothy J. Donohue and Cameron R. Currie},
  booktitle={PLoS genetics},
Herbivores can gain indirect access to recalcitrant carbon present in plant cell walls through symbiotic associations with lignocellulolytic microbes. A paradigmatic example is the leaf-cutter ant (Tribe: Attini), which uses fresh leaves to cultivate a fungus for food in specialized gardens. Using a combination of sugar composition analyses, metagenomics, and whole-genome sequencing, we reveal that the fungus garden microbiome of leaf-cutter ants is composed of a diverse community of bacteria… CONTINUE READING
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