An Inquiry into the Distribution of the Blood Groups in Patients Suffering from ???Malignant Disease.???

  title={An Inquiry into the Distribution of the Blood Groups in Patients Suffering from ???Malignant Disease.???},
  journal={The American Journal of the Medical Sciences},
  • Alexander
  • Medicine
  • The American Journal of the Medical Sciences

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ABH Substances Secretion Status, ABO & Rhesus Blood Groups Typing and P24 Antigen Screening in HIV 1 and 2 Screened Antibody-negative Apparently Healthy Prospective Blood Donors in Calabar, Nigeria
Aim: To investigate ABH Secretion status, ABO/ Rhesus blood groups and P24 antigen in 400 HIV screened antibody-negative apparently healthy prospective blood donors aged above 20 years recruitedExpand
Association between Secretor Status of ABH Substances and HIV 1& 2 P24 Antigen Screening Status Amongst Eligible Blood Donors with Previously Screened HIV 1& 2 Antibody- Negative Status in Calabar, Nigeria
No significant association found between secretor status and HIV P24 antigen status but detectable P24 antigens were more in secretors than non-secretos. Expand
Relationship between ABO blood groups and Breast cancers.
There is significant association between Rh blood group and the breast cancer and lymph node metastasis and the role of blood groups as risk factors for breast cancer should be considered together with other risk factors. Expand
Relationship of Blood Groups (ABO & Rhesus) and Breast Cancer in Bangladesh
Ductal type of breast cancer with positive family history and distant metastasis is common in different blood groups in differentBlood groups in this country. Expand
Significance of blood group and social factors in carcinoma cervix in a semi-urban population in India.
Blood group B and age of marriage between 11 and 20 years were significantly associated with carcinoma cervix in the population of Kolar, Karnataka, India, and region of residence, parity and religion presented with a altered risk for cancer. Expand
Breast cancer incidence in Greek women in relation to ABO blood groups and Rh factor
Blood group A is often associated with ductal breast cancer, in contrast to the other blood groups and particularly to blood group AB, and, particularly, A (-) has the worst prognosis of all. Expand
Acetylator phenotype and congenital malformations
The hypothesis has been tested that an unusual maternal acetylator phenotype can predispose to congenital malformations in the fetus and it was shown not be modified by pregnancy. Expand
The acetylator phenotypes of Saudi Arabian diabetics.
A series of 100 Saudi diabetics and 100 Saudi controls has been acetylator phenotyped and the results show the reverse of the association found in European populations. Expand