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An Innovative Semicircular Spiral Antenna for On-Metal Passive RFID Applications

  title={An Innovative Semicircular Spiral Antenna for On-Metal Passive RFID Applications},
  author={Xin Jian and Xiaoping Zeng and Li Zhang},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation},
The special geometric layout of actual engineering project requires the tag to be placed in a special metal cavity, which severely blocks the propagation of the electromagnetic (EM) field from the reader to tag. To guarantee the effective communication between the reader and tag, an innovative semicircular spiral antenna that works on 13.56 MHz with an effective working distance up to 100 mm has been developed to realize noncontact synchronous transmission of power and data from the reader to… 
Miniaturized Dual-Fractal Antenna Structure for RFID Tags
A design approach for the min iaturization of a dual-antenna structure (DAS) for radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag system is presented. The structure contains two radiating elements, one as a


Fork-shaped RFID tag antenna mountable on metallic surfaces
A low-cost novel antenna for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags mountable on metallic surfaces is presented. It is designed to work on a substrate FR4 that has a thickness of 3.2 mm and
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Metal poses a serious source of interference and loss of performance for RFID systems. This paper presents a novel antenna design for RFID transponder (tag) that enables long read/write range for
An RFID Tag Using a Planar Inverted‐F Antenna Capable of Being Stuck to Metallic Objects
The designed PIFA, which uses a dielectric substrate for the antenna, consists of a U-slot patch for size reduction, several shorting pins, and a coplanar waveguide feeding structure to easily integrate with an RFID chip.
Compact slotted planar inverted-F RFID tag mountable on metallic objects
A compact slotted PIFA-type RFID tag (900 MHz) mountable on metallic objects is presented. The proposed structure can be easily matched to most microchips and facilitates their attachment on its
Energy Scavenging for Inductively Coupled Passive RFID Systems
The theoretical estimation of the power by a loop antenna is derived, and the effect of the design parameters on the harvested power is investigated, showing that the power delivery performance is largely affected by the tag load at the reader.
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1 Introduction 2 Antenna Basics 3 The Antenna Family 4 Point Sources 5 Arrays of Point Sources 6 The Electric Dipole and Thin Linear Antennas 7 The Loop Antenna 8 End Fire Antennas: The Helical Beam
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A clock recovery scheme in which an IIR filter is combined with a PLL is proposed and can recover the clock quickly with long data dropouts, and achieves the same BER performance of ASK system with non-coherent demodulation as Manchester coding.
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Electromagnetic theory for engineering applications
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