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An Improved Tolerant Permanent Faults in FIFO Buffers of NOC Routers Using Bench Mark Circuits

  title={An Improved Tolerant Permanent Faults in FIFO Buffers of NOC Routers Using Bench Mark Circuits},
  author={R. Kumar},
This router buffers during the operation in the field of short-encrypted hard faults NOC first in first out transparent testing technology in the development of the proposed on-line for this identity of faults. A model of the proposed algorithm to run the test periodically to prevent the accumulation of repetitive tests, the router technique involves be integrated into the channel interface and on-line testing has been performed with data traffic, such as synthetic self. The area has been… 

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Toward a Scalable Test Methodology for 2D-mesh Network-on-Chips

It is shown that the proposed methodology can be applied for different implementations of deflecting switches, and that the test time is limited to a few thousand-clock cycles with fault coverage close to 100%.

Methodologies and algorithms for testing switch-based NoC interconnects

Two novel methodologies for testing the interconnect fabrics of network-on-chip (NoC) based chips use the concept of recursive testing, with different degrees of parallelism in each case.

Analysis of Dynamic Faults in Embedded-SRAMs: Implications for Memory Test

This paper presents the results of resistive-open defect insertion in different locations of Infineon 0.13 μm embedded-SRAM with the main purpose of verifying the presence of dynamic faults. This

Methods for fault tolerance in networks-on-chip

The article at hand reviews the failure mechanisms, fault models, diagnosis techniques, and fault-tolerance methods in on-chip networks, and surveys and summarizes the research of the last ten years.

A Cost-Effective Scheme for Network-on-Chip Router and Interconnect Testing

  • D. Xiang
  • Business
    2013 22nd Asian Test Symposium
  • 2013
An effective scheme for 3-D stacked NoC router and interconnect testing and a new approach to testing of NoC routers is proposed by classifying the routers, including a new unicast-based multicast scheme.

Cost-Effective Power-Aware Core Testing in NoCs Based on a New Unicast-Based Multicast Scheme

  • D. XiangYe Zhang
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • 2011
A new power-aware test scheduling scheme is proposed, which is extended to cases for multiple port ATEs and Experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed method in reducing the NoC test cost and test data volume by comparing to the previous methods.

Route packets, not wires: on-chip interconnection networks

  • W. DallyB. Towles
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 38th Design Automation Conference (IEEE Cat. No.01CH37232)
  • 2001
The concept of on-chip networks is introduced, a simple network is sketched, and some challenges in the architecture and design of these networks are discussed.

Minimal-path fault-tolerant approach using connection-retaining structure in Networks-on-Chip

A fault-tolerant routing algorithm which retains the performance of NoCs in faulty situations and is highly reliable, for an instance, the reliability is more than 99.5% when there are six faulty routers in an 8×8 mesh network.

Parameter Variation Tolerance and Error Resiliency: New Design Paradigm for the Nanoscale Era

The emerging paradigm of variation-tolerant adaptive design for both logic and memories is discussed and circuit and microarchitectural techniques to perform reliable computations in an unreliable environment are presented.

Threshold-Based Mechanisms to Discriminate Transient from Intermittent Faults

A class of count-and-threshold mechanisms, collectively named /spl alpha/-count, which are able to discriminate between transient faults and intermittent faults in computing systems and adopt a mathematically defined structure, which is simple enough to analyze by standard tools.