An Improved Method for Steel-Facing Copper Etching Plates

  title={An Improved Method for Steel-Facing Copper Etching Plates},
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The number of prints that can be made from acid or dry point etched copper plates can be substantially increased by electrodeposition of iron onto the surface of the plate. This process is traditionally, but incorrectly, known as steel facing. Using the Electroetch processor at 2 volts and with about 50 gm/l of aqueous sal ammoniac instead of at 6 volts with 225 gm/l gives excellent coating without the need for the operator having special skills. 



Etching and Tone Creation Using Low-Voltage Anodic Electrolysis

Etching of and tone creation on metals can be carried out by an ecologically sound method that avoids the use of acids and rosin. The method uses direct-current anodic etching, at very low voltages,

Printmaking: History and Process

A basic text that discusses techniques and applications in every major area of printmaking. Proceeds from the beginning steps to the most advanced procedures. Over 600 illustrations. Provides a

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