An Improved Interpolation Scheme for Quincunx-Subsampled Images

  title={An Improved Interpolation Scheme for Quincunx-Subsampled Images},
  author={Yang Zhang and Yunhui Shi and Baocai Yin and Xiaobo Liu},
  journal={2006 8th international Conference on Signal Processing},
We propose an improved interpolation scheme for quincunx-subsampled images. Firstly, Gabor filters are used to analyze the texture orientation of each pixel in the quincunx-subsampled image. Secondly, bases on reproducing kernel space W2 2 (R) and W2 2 (R) times W2 2 (R) are applied for interpolation. Finally, a procedure is developed to reconstruct the missing pixels based on the above two steps. Experiments show that our scheme is better than the existing schemes, especially in objective term… CONTINUE READING

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