An Improved Integrality Gap for Asymmetric TSP Paths

  title={An Improved Integrality Gap for Asymmetric TSP Paths},
  author={Zachary Friggstad and A. Gupta and M. Singh},
  • Zachary Friggstad, A. Gupta, M. Singh
  • Published 2013
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • The Asymmetric Traveling Salesperson Path (ATSPP) problem is one where, given an asymmetric metric space (V,d) with specified vertices s and t, the goal is to find an s-t path of minimum length that visits all the vertices in V. This problem is closely related to the Asymmetric TSP (ATSP) problem, which seeks to find a tour (instead of an s-t path) visiting all the nodes: for ATSP, a ρ-approximation guarantee implies an O(ρ)-approximation for ATSPP. However, no such connection is known for… CONTINUE READING
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