An Improved Design for Solar-Blind AlGaN Avalanche Photodiodes

  title={An Improved Design for Solar-Blind AlGaN Avalanche Photodiodes},
  author={Qing Cai and Mei Li Ge and Junjun Xue and Liqun Hu and Dunjun Chen and Hai Lu and Rong Zhang and Youdou Zheng},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Journal},
To enhance the impact ionization coefficient of holes, we proposed an improved solar-blind AlGaN avalanche photodiode (APD) structure by using a low-Al-composition AlGaN multiplication layer and a filter based on periodic photonic crystal together with a composition graded interlayer between separate absorption and multiplication regions. The simulation results show that the improved APD presents a lower breakdown voltage and dark current, and a higher optical gain when compared to its… CONTINUE READING


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