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An Improved Approach to Orbital Determination and Prediction of Near-Earth Asteroids: Computer Simulation, Modeling and Test Measurements

  title={An Improved Approach to Orbital Determination and Prediction of Near-Earth Asteroids: Computer Simulation, Modeling and Test Measurements},
  author={Muhammad Farae and Cameron Woo and Anka Hu},
In this article, theory-based analytical methodologies of astrophysics employed in the modern era are suitably operated alongside a test research-grade telescope to image and determine the orbit of a near-earth asteroid from original observations, measurements, and calculations. Subsequently, its intrinsic orbital path has been calculated including the chance it would likely impact Earth in the time ahead. More so specifically, this case-study incorporates the most effective, feasible, and… Expand


An initial orbit determination method from relative position increment measurements
An initial orbit determination method using only relative position increment measurements and their corresponding epoch is proposed, which can obtain an acceptable result from a 20% portion of an orbit when the signal-to-noise ratio is set at 15 dB. Expand
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New Approach to Halo Orbit Determination and Control
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Binary Asteroids in the Near-Earth Object Population
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Estimating the mass of asteroid 253 mathilde from tracking data during the NEAR flyby
The terminal navigation of the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft during its close flyby of asteroid 253 Mathilde involved coordinated efforts to determine the heliocentric orbits ofExpand
On the Orbit Determination Problem
  • J. Raol, N. Sinha
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
  • 1985
Various important aspects of the satellite orbit determination problem are critically discussed with a view to emphasizing the importance of a wise choice of suitable system models, coordinates sets,Expand
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