An Implementation of Paprika Green house System Using Wireless Sensor Networks


This research paper suggests the ‘Paprika green house system’ (PGHS), which collects paprika growth information and greenhouse information to control the paprika growth at optimum condition. The temperature variation range of domestic paprika cultivation facilities are relatively quite big and the facility internal is kept at relatively dry condition. In addition, the concentration of CO2 is not uniform, giving bad impact on the growth of paprika. In order to cope with these issues, the ‘Paprika green house system’ (PGHS) based on wireless technology was designed and implemented for the paprika cultivating farmers. The system provides with the ‘growth environment monitoring service’, which is monitoring the paprika growth environment data using sensors measuring temperature, humidity, illuminance, leaf wetness and fruit condition, the ‘artificial light-source control service’, which is installed to improve the energy efficiency inside greenhouse, and ‘growth environment control service’, controlling the greenhouse by analyzing and processing of collected data.

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