An Heuristic Model For Port Optimization

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Operational Analysis of Container Ships by Using Maritime Big Data

A visualization program is developed to analyze the AIS data and ocean environmental conditions together and proposes two categories of applications for the operational analysis of container ships using maritime big data: the past operation analysis by tracking previous trajectories, and the speed pattern analysis by shipping companies and shipyards under harsh environmental conditions.

Vessel Size and Dredging Depth Optimization for Tol Laut Program using Genetic Algorithm: Hub Port Case Study

Tol Laut is an Indonesian government containerized sea freight program which is aimed at reducing the price disparity, as well as extending logistic distribution from developing regions. The program

Port Construction Planning: Automated System for Projecting Expansion Needs

The growing demand for maritime transport imposes several challenges to port authorities, including reducing port congestion, planning for expansion projects, and allocating budgets for upgrades and expansion projects.



A genetic algorithm for solving the quay crane scheduling and allocation problem

International sea-freight container transportation has grown dramatically over the last years and container terminals represent nowadays a key actor in the global shipping network. The management of

Double-Cycling Strategies for Container Ships and Their Effect on Ship Loading and Unloading Operations

The research demonstrates that double cycling can create significant efficiency gains in crane productivity, typically reducing the number of cycles by about 20% and the operational time by about 10% when double cycling only below deck.

Heuristics for the integration of crane productivity in the Goodchild

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Generations of seaports and the development of logistics and distribution functions

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Sizing of port facilities with variable operational demands

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