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An HPSG Account of the Japanese Copula and Related Phenomena

  title={An HPSG Account of the Japanese Copula and Related Phenomena},
  author={Stephen Nightingale},
Acknowledgements I would particularly like to acknowledge the support of my supervisors, Colin Matheson and Caroline Heycock in guiding the development of this disser-tation. Without them it would have been a poorer product indeed. Japanese native language support was given by Kyoko Yamashita, Mineko Shimazawa and Shunsuke Yajima although in addition a discussion with Susumu Oh-Ishi early in the development was extremely helpful in focussing the topic. A lot of technical support went into the… Expand
Polysemy and homonymy in Japanese verbal alternations
This thesis investigates the degree to which Japanese verbal alternations can be related synchronically. In particular, it investigates the possibility of providing a polysemous analysis of the verbsExpand
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A type hierarchy of particles motivated by their subcategorizational and modificational behaviour is set up, part of the Japanese syntax inVERBMOBIL. Expand
HPSG Analysis of Japanese
A Japanese HPSG for deep analysis and generation in the Verbmobil system was developed. The focus point of the grammar is the processing of spontaneous Japanese dialogs. Therefore, the description ofExpand


Head-driven phrase structure grammar
This book presents the most complete exposition of the theory of head-driven phrase structure grammar, introduced in the authors' "Information-Based Syntax and Semantics," and demonstrates the applicability of the HPSG approach to a wide range of empirical problems. Expand
Information-based syntax and semantics
The particular theory presented, head-driven phrase structure grammar (HPSG) - so-called because of its central notion of the grammatical head - is an information-based (or 'unification-based' theory that has its roots in a number of different research programs within linguistics and neighboring disciplines such as philosophy and computer science. Expand
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The category of relative clauses in Japanese, with reference to Korean
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Structure and case marking in Japanese
CONTENTS: G.M. Awbery, Dialect Syntax, A Neglected Resource for Welsh. A. Rouveret, X-Bar Theory, Minimality, and Barrierhood in Welsh. R.D. Borsely, A GPSG Approach to Breton Word Order. G.T. Stump,Expand
An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
The Second Edition of the Phonetic Inventory of Japanese - Vowels highlights the importance of recognizing the role of language games in the development of a language’s grammar. Expand
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