An HMM Based Recognition Scheme for Handwritten Oriya Numerals

  title={An HMM Based Recognition Scheme for Handwritten Oriya Numerals},
  author={Tapan Kumar Bhowmik and Swapan K. Parui and Ujjwal Bhattacharya and Bikash Shaw},
  journal={9th International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT'06)},
A novel hidden Markov model (HMM) for recognition of handwritten Oriya numerals is proposed. The novelty lies in the fact that the HMM states are not determined a priori, but are determined automatically based on a database of handwritten numeral images. A handwritten numeral is assumed to be a string of several shape primitives. These are in fact the states of the proposed HMM and are found using certain mixture distributions. One HMM is constructed for each numeral. To classify an unknown… CONTINUE READING
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