An H-NS-like stealth protein aids horizontal DNA transmission in bacteria.

  title={An H-NS-like stealth protein aids horizontal DNA transmission in bacteria.},
  author={Marie Doyle and Maria Fookes and Alasdair C. Ivens and Michael W. Mangan and John Wain and Charles J Dorman},
  volume={315 5809},
The Sfh protein is encoded by self-transmissible plasmids involved in human typhoid and is closely related to the global regulator H-NS. We have found that Sfh provides a stealth function that allows the plasmids to be transmitted to new bacterial hosts with minimal effects on their fitness. Introducing the plasmid without the sfh gene imposes a mild H-NS(-) phenotype and a severe loss of fitness due to titration of the cellular pool of H-NS by the A+T-rich plasmid. This stealth strategy seems… CONTINUE READING

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