An Fgf 8 mouse mutant phenocopies human 22 q 11 deletion syndrome

  title={An Fgf 8 mouse mutant phenocopies human 22 q 11 deletion syndrome},
  author={Deborah U. Frank and Lori K. Fotheringham and Judson A. Brewer and Louis J. Muglia and Martin Tristani-Firouzi and Mario R Capecchi and Anne M. Moon},
Pharyngeal arches are transient bulges of tissue in the neck of vertebrate embryos consisting of mesenchyme separated by membranous clefts in which the surface ectoderm directly apposes evaginations of the pharyngeal endoderm (the pharyngeal pouches). Pharyngeal arch mesenchyme is derived from neural crest cells and paraxial mesoderm. Neural crestderived mesenchyme gives rise to the skeletal structures and to pericytes and smooth muscle cells of the arch arteries (Birgbauer et al., 1995… CONTINUE READING
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