An FPGA implementation of WCDMA-RAKE receiver architecture


An FPGA implementation of WCDMA-RAKE receiver architecture 1 2 Rakesh Kr. Jha, Mamta Sood Dept. BIST Bhopal, (M.P.) India EC Dept., TIT College, Bhopal, (M.P.) India This paper deals with the WCDMA Rake-receiver architecture for 3G communications. Third generation mobile communication is vastly advanced and emerging technology in the field of wireless communication. Third generation communication has advanced facilities like multimedia accessing, internet service, higher capacity of data rates. The main aim of 3G mobile communication is to implement truly anybody at any place to communicate with any one at any time. The project focuses on the RAKE receiver part of the WCDMA receiver. The main principle of RAKE receiver is that they exploit multipath propagation by receiving the multipath components of the transmitted signal separately and combining their energies. The RAKE receiver is used to tackle the problems of time dispersion (echoes) caused by multipath propagation in mobile communication. RAKE receiver has four fingers and all the energies of four fingers are combined in a single block

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