An FPGA-based AES-CCM Crypto Core For IEEE 802.11i Architecture


The widespread adoption of IEEE 802.11 wireless networks has brought its security paradigm under active research. One of the important research areas in this field is the realization of fast and secure implementations of cryptographic algorithms. Under this work, such an implementation has been done for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on fast, efficient and low power Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) whereby computational intensive cryptographic processes are offloaded from the main processor thus results in achieving highspeed secure wireless connectivity. The dedicated resources of Spartan-3 FPGAs have been effectively utilized to develop wider logic function which minimizes the critical paths by confining logic to single Configurable Logic Block (CLB), thus improving the performance, density and power consumption of the design. The resultant design consumes only 4 Block RAMs and 487 Slices to fit both AES cores and its key scheduling.

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