An FBG-Based 2-D Vibration Sensor With Adjustable Sensitivity


A new fiber Bragg grating (FBG)-based 2-D vibration sensor with adjustable sensitivity has been presented in this paper. The sensor uses screw as elastic body and arranges FBGs in two vertical directions, which can make the sensitivity of the two measurement directions equal to each other and ensure measurement of plane isometric. Four FBGs are used to… (More)

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@article{Wang2017AnF2, title={An FBG-Based 2-D Vibration Sensor With Adjustable Sensitivity}, author={Jingjing Wang and Li Wei and Ruiya Li and Qin Liu and Lingling Yu and Tianliang Li and Yuegang Tan}, journal={IEEE Sensors Journal}, year={2017}, volume={17}, pages={4716-4724} }