An Extremely Luminous Panchromatic Outburst from the Nucleus of a Distant Galaxy

  title={An Extremely Luminous Panchromatic Outburst from the Nucleus of a Distant Galaxy},
  author={A. Levan and N. Tanvir and S. Cenko and D. Perley and K. Wiersema and J. Bloom and A. Fruchter and A. U. Postigo and P. O'Brien and N. Butler and A. J. van der Horst and G. Leloudas and A. Morgan and K. Misra and G. Bower and J. Farihi and R. Tunnicliffe and M. Modjaz and J. Silverman and J. Hjorth and C. Th{\"o}ne and A. Cucchiara and J. Cer'on and A. Castro-Tirado and J. Arnold and M. Bremer and J. Brodie and T. Carroll and M. Cooper and P. Curran and R. Cutri and J. Ehle and D. Forbes and J. Fynbo and J. Gorosabel and J. Graham and D. I. Hoffman and S. Guziy and P. Jakobsson and A. Kamble and T. Kerr and M. Kasliwal and C. Kouveliotou and D. Kocevski and N. Law and P. Nugent and E. Ofek and D. Poznanski and R. Quimby and E. Rol and A. Romanowsky and R. S'anchez-Ram'irez and S. Schulze and N. Singh and L. van Spaandonk and R. Starling and R. Strom and J. C. Tello and O. Văduvescu and P. Wheatley and R. Wijers and J. Winters and D. Xu},
  pages={199 - 202}
  • A. Levan, N. Tanvir, +60 authors D. Xu
  • Published 2011
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • A recent bright emission observed by the Swift satellite is due to the sudden accretion of a star onto a massive black hole. Variable x-ray and γ-ray emission is characteristic of the most extreme physical processes in the universe. We present multiwavelength observations of a unique γ-ray–selected transient detected by the Swift satellite, accompanied by bright emission across the electromagnetic spectrum, and whose properties are unlike any previously observed source. We pinpoint the event to… CONTINUE READING
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