An Exploratory Analysis of Interface Management and Innovation-Market Performance


Performance This research presents an exploratory study of interface dynamics and its impact on a firm’s performance. A survey of sixteen industrial manufacturing firms reveals that the interface efficiency has recently improved significantly in ear/y phases, moderately in late phases, and slightly in middle phases of the innovation process. Factor analysis on this data base suggests that the relative contribution toward a firm’s interface evaluation is high from strategic decisions and organizational planning, average from marketing research and planning, and low from product design and engineering. Regression analysis confirms that a firm’s innovation and market performance is strongly associated with the fum’s interface efficiency and innovation commitment as well as the industry’s various environmental forces. We discuss the managerial implications of this exploratory study, e.g., the functional manger’s changing role in the team-based approach, senior management’s effort in improving the interfacing mechanism, and top management’s support for innovation process throughout the system.

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