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An Exploration of Graphing Software Program Selection and Relative Proficiency Among Undergraduate Biology Students

  title={An Exploration of Graphing Software Program Selection and Relative Proficiency Among Undergraduate Biology Students},
  author={Elizabeth Ferguson},



Interpretations of graphs by university biology students and practicing scientists: Toward a social practice view of scientific representation practices

Using graphs is a key social practice of professional science. As part of a research program that investigates the development of graphing practices from elementary school to professional science

California's need for engineers and STEM education

Thesis (M.P.P.A., Public Policy and Administration)--California State University, Sacramento, 2012.

Discipline‐Based Education Research: Understanding and Improving Learning in Undergraduate Science and Engineering

Engineering education research (EER) has been on the fast track since 2004 with an exponential rise in the number of Ph.D.s awarded and the establishment of new programs, even entire EER departments.

Challenges with graph interpretation: a review of the literature

This paper reviews current literature on graph interpretation competence and argues that it should be explicitly taught given its importance and its complexity.

The Charts that Excel Cannot Do

This paper explores work-arounds for the charts that, on the face of it, Excel cannot do, and suggests spreadsheets that react immediately to user-supplied data, much as a graphing package might do.

Integrated Biology and Undergraduate Science Education: A New Biology Education for the Twenty-First Century?

In 2009, several important publications, conferences, and events have pointed toward confluence around more interdisciplinary and interconnected approaches and themes for undergraduate education in the life sciences.

A Survey of First-Year University Students' Ability to use Spreadsheets

An anonymous multiple-choice survey self-assessed the spreadsheet skills of students enrolled in first-year units at the beginning of 2003 indicates significant deficiencies in the use of spreadsheets.

Vision and Change in Biology Undergraduate Education, A Call for Action—Initial Responses

The executive summary provides an overview of some of V&C's key recommendations regarding next steps in the effort to mobilize the biology community and hopes to see the formation of a community of biologists, similar to that forming in geology, one that will advance biology undergraduate education so it truly reflects the discipline it serves.

Science and Engineering Indicators

Abstract : 1. Elementary and Secondary Science and Mathematics Education. 2. Higher Education in Science and Engineering. 3. Science and Engineering Workforce. 4. Research & Development: Financial