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An Expert System for Diabetes Diagnosis

  title={An Expert System for Diabetes Diagnosis},
  author={Tawfik Saeed Zeki and Mohammad V. Malakooti and Yousef Ataeipoor and S. Talayeh Tabibi},
  journal={American academic \& scholarly research journal},
During the recent decades, using expert systems has been developed in a vast level in all sectors of human being life, in particular in the field of medicine. The main objective of this research was to design an expert system for diagnosis all types of diabetes. After data acquisition and designing a rule-based expert system, this system has been coded with VP_Expert Shell and tested in Shahid Hasheminezhad Teaching Hospital affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences and final expert… 

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An expert system that not only diagnoses diabetes but also recommends the right medication depending on the location where the patient lives and on the symptoms of the patient and other effective factors is proposed.

Intelligent Medical Diagnostic System for Diabetes

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The dataset used for neuro-fuzzy expert system developed in this research work has been considered on Mamdani fuzzy Expert system as well as Sugeno fuzzy expert system, and it has been confirmed that the result parameters show better values in the proposed model.

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A rule-based expert system that will allow medical experts and even Para-medics to diagnose patients of Obesity and its related diseases and makes informed reports is presented.

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The goal of this research is to make an integrated system for people to promote a healthy lifestyle, including a feature for counting and saving daily calorie consumption and physical activity.

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The goal was to design an expert system which could be useful for physicians to produce more accurate prescriptions for polyuria patients and to make the system be able to cooperate with physicians’ experiences onpolyuria patients.

Rule based diagnosis system for diabetes

The proposed expert system is based on a particular demographic and has been further validated on selected patient’s which had produced hundred percent accurate results.

An Efficient Expert System for Diabetes with a Bayesian Inference Engine

This article proposes an inference module for an Expert System for diabetes diagnosis. This module is based on a Bayesian Network (BN), which represents knowledge, experience and reasoning mechanisms

Diabetes diagnosis expert system by using Belief Rule Base with evidential reasoning

  • Saifur Rahaman
  • Medicine, Computer Science
    2015 International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT)
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An effective approach for diagnosing diabetes using Belief Rule Base (BRB) with evidential reasoning, which can handle the errors and uncertainties is presented.

Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Expert Systems for Diabetic Diagnosis

This paper recapitulates the essential distinction between the Mamdani-type and Sugeno-type fuzzy expert systems by using the input parameters such as age, obesity, RBS(Random Blood Sugar), family history and diet.

Survey on development of expert system in the areas of Medical, Education, Automobile and Agriculture

  • Haider Khalaf JabbarR. Khan
  • Computer Science
    2015 2nd International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom)
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This paper will survey on different works have been done earlier in different ways using Expert System (ES) for various areas and various applications of expert systems of knowledge that had used in real world.



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A low-cost automated knowledgebased system that helps in self-diagnosis and management of this chronic disease for patients as well as doctors is developed.

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Expert System Design and Analysis for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Algorithm for rule-based reasoning is presented for mammographic findings to provide support for the clinical decision to perform biopsy of the breast and it is shown that at a threshold of 0.21, 98%, of the malignancies would be biopsied, and the number of benign biopsies would be decreased by 41%.

A Fuzzy Expert System for Heart Disease Diagnosis

This system can be viewed as an alternative for existing methods to distinguish of heart disease presence and is designed in Matlab software.

Fuzzy Rule-Base Expert System for Evaluation Possibility of Fatal Asthma

Fuzzy-rules, modular representation of variables in regard to patients’ perception of the disease, and minimizing the need for laboratory data are the most important features of this fuzzy expert system developed for prediction of fatal asthma.

An Introduction to Expert Systems

It is suggested that the situation could be improved with computer technology, and one type of advanced computer technology designed specifically to assist in decision making is expert systems, the product of research in artificial intelligence.

A Design and Implementation of U-health Diagnosis System using Expert System and Neural Network

An expert system using back-propagation to support the diagnosis of citizens in UHealth system, which consists of a network system to collect data and a sensor module which measures pulse, blood pressure and so on is proposed.