An Experimental Tele-operated Robotic System


Automation has been introduced in various industries primarily to improve efficiency, productivity and worker safety. In applications where fully autonomous systems are not feasible, semi autonomous systems can be applied instead to achieve these goals. An experimental teleoperated system has been developed consisting of a manipulator with a gripper attachment. This paper describes the integration of key system components and a control architecture that has the flexibility to adapt to various applications. A key component is the human machine interface from which the human operator controls the manipulator. Focus of this research is to improve .the quality of control. This is achieved by increasing the feedback channels to the user in the form of tactual stimulus in addition to vision. Control strategies were developed for this stimulus to present critical operational and task information that can be exploited for control. Preliminary experiments indicate that this concept was successful in the completion of a simple pick and place task. The research outcomes will provide solutions for both tele-operated and telerobotic systems.

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