An Experiment in Racism

  title={An Experiment in Racism},
  author={Chester M. Pierce and Jean V. Carew and Diane Pierce-Gonzalez and Deborah Wills},
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Initial Development and Validation of the Multidimensional Strong Black Woman Scale

The unique experiences of African American women are well documented through intersectionality research. Taking an intersectional framework, this study is designed to develop and initially validate a

Language Matters: Considering Microaggressions in Science

This article explores identifying and addressing microaggressions in the everyday language of scientific environments that may be key to making science classrooms, laboratories, and conferences inclusive professional contexts.

Sexual Orientation Microaggressions in High Schools

Sexual orientation-based discrimination in schools has evolved from primarily blatant, overt forms to include subtler and ambiguous forms. Recent research has found that same-gender-attracted youth

Understanding Latina/o School Pushout: Experiences of Students Who Left School Before Graduating

In this qualitative study, the authors describe narratives of school experiences of Latina/o early school leavers, examine their reasons for leaving school before graduating, and analyze their

Is microaggression an oxymoron? A mixed methods study on attitudes toward racial microaggressions among United States university students

The current results raise concerns regarding the conceptualization and utility of the word “microaggression,” especially within the broader contexts of racism and major discrimination, as well as empirical and practical implications.

Gender, Ethnicity, and Physics Education: Understanding How Black Women Build Their Identities as Scientists

Gender, Ethnicity, and Physics Education: Understanding How Black Women Build Their Identities as Scientists Katemari Diogo da Rosa This research focuses on the underrepresentation of minoritized

A Look at Intercultural Sensitivity from the Perspective of Mindfulness and Acceptance of Diversity

  • Sevgi Uygur
  • Education
    Journal for the Education of Gifted Young Scientists
  • 2022
Studies in the literature show that mindfulness provides many benefits to individuals in their academic, social and working life. Although the concept of mindfulness is gradually increasing its use

Nothing Micro About It: Examining Ableist Microaggressions on Social Media

Ableist microaggressions are subtle forms of discrimination that disabled people experience daily, perpetuating inequalities and maintaining their ongoing marginalization. Despite the importance of



Learning From History

Violence and counterviolence: the need for a children's domestic exchange.

  • C. M. Pierce
  • Political Science
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 1969
This paper analyzes the many forms of white violence, uses the suicide analogy to understand the current stage of black counterviolence, and proposes a remedy that conforms to the “living law'' habits of the American people.