An Examination of Predatory Pressures on Piping Plovers Nesting at Breezy Point, New York

  title={An Examination of Predatory Pressures on Piping Plovers Nesting at Breezy Point, New York},
  author={Brook Lauro and John T. Tanacredi},
Abstract This study examines predatory threats to Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus) nesting at Breezy Point, Gateway National Recreation Area, New York. Several methods used include: 1) an evaluation of reproductive success data with documentation of predation to eggs and chicks, 2) predator surveys, and 3) an artificial nest study. The range of breeding pairs nesting from 1988-1996 was 11-19, with an average of 15.8 (SE ± 0.79) pairs/season. The average number of eggs hatched and chicks… CONTINUE READING


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