An Evolutionary Approach to Settlement Systems

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  • Published 28 July 2017
  • Computer Science
Considerations regarding a new settlement typology in Serbia
A division between urban and rural settlements/areas has been traditionally applied in statistical reporting worldwide. The reports applying these terms have been used to create and implement
A pattern-based de fi nition of urban context using remote sensing and GIS
Article history: Received 24 June 2015 Received in revised form 21 May 2016 Accepted 5 June 2016 Available online xxxx In Sub-Saharan Africa rapid urban growth combined with rising poverty is
Urban Estimates and Projections at the United Nations: The Strengths, Weaknesses, and Underpinnings of the World Urbanization Prospects
For about five decades, the United Nations Population Division has produces a comprehensive demographic account of the global urbanization process, now known as the biennial “World Urbanization


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L'urbanisation du monde de 1950 à 1990 d'après une définition harmonisée des agglomérations urbaines
L'objectif de cette etude est d'analyser la logique intrinseque du fait urbain, au cours d'une periode de croissance exceptionnelle. Villes et urbanisation sont etudies sous l'angle du nombre
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Settlement systems in the evolution
L'article reprend les principes enonces pour une theorie evolutive des villes dans un article de l'Espace Geographique.
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