An Evidence-Based Analysis of Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontic and Osteogenic Techniques: A Synthesis of Scientific Perspectives

  title={An Evidence-Based Analysis of Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontic and Osteogenic Techniques: A Synthesis of Scientific Perspectives},
  author={M. Thomas Wilcko and William M. Wilcko and Nabil F. Bissada},
  journal={Seminars in Orthodontics},
Interdisciplinary orthodontic tooth movement (OTM) can synthesize tissue engineering principles with periodontal regenerative surgery to create rapid orthodontic tooth movement and reduce side effects like root resorption, relapse, inadequate basal bone, and bacterial time-load factors (ie, infection). Normal metabolism seen in a natural healing response is accelerated resulting in a more stable clinical outcome. Specifically, modern computed tomographic imaging suggests what were thought be… 

Accelerated osteogenic orthodontics technique: a 1-stage surgically facilitated rapid orthodontic technique with alveolar augmentation.

A Single Stage Surgically Facilitated Rapid Orthodontic Techniquewith Alveolar Bone Augmentation in the Treatment of Various DentalMalocclusions: Case Series

With this technique, the teeth can be moved in one third to one fourth the time required for traditional orthodontics alone, which is a physiologically based treatment consistent with a regional acceleratory phenomenon.

Impact of Frontier Development of Alveolar Bone Grafting on Orthodontic Tooth Movement

This mini-review article will provide state-of-the-art information to assist clinicians in selecting grafting material(s) that enhance alveolar bone augmentation while avoiding unfavorable side effects during orthodontic treatment.

Role of Periodontal Therapy in Rapid Tooth Movement

The aim of this article was to provide an overview of the literature including the historical background, indications, contraindication, the biological aspect of PAOO and the surgical technique and modifications of the same.

Significance of Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics in Adjunctive Orthodontic Treatment

The aim is to present a comprehensive knowledge and idea of PAOO technique, modified decortication with bone grafting augmentations to facilitate faster orthodontic treatment outcome than conventional approaches with least trauma to root and underlying and associate structures.

Effect of Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) on Periodontium: A case report

Alveolar augmentation were used in an effort to enhance and strengthen the periodontium, reasoning that the addition of bone to alveolar housing,ensures root coverage as the dental arch expanded.

Innovative Periodontal Surgery by Monocortical Corticotomy in Management of Bimaxillary Protrusion Cases: A Clinical Study

The present periodontal (PDL) intervention results in quick and stable results for the correction of bimaxillary protrusion cases and enhances the esthetics and posttreatment orthodontic stability.

Bone Remodeling during Orthodontic Movement of Lower Incisors—Narrative Review

The thickness of the alveolar bone was reduced after proclination among growing and non-growing patients and retraction of lower anterior teeth in the group of growing patients, and the only improvement was measured for buccal thickness of mandibular incisor in bimaxillary protrusion patients treated with extraction therapy.



Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Periodontal Remodeling During Orthodontic Treatment

In 21 adult patients, two or three high-resolution computed tomography examinations were performed before, during and after orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances, and Orthodontically induced bone dehiscences were partly repaired by osteoblastic periodontal remodeling in the retention period.

Three-dimensional evaluation of periodontalremodeling during orthodontic treatment

In 21 adult patients, two or three high-resolution computed tomography examinations were performed before, during and after orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances, and osteoblastic periodontal remodeling was partly repaired in the retention period.

Trabecular and cortical bone as risk factors for orthodontic relapse.

  • Laura E RotheA. Bollen L. Hollender
  • Medicine
    American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics : official publication of the American Association of Orthodontists, its constituent societies, and the American Board of Orthodontics
  • 2006

Effects on the periodontium following corticotomy-facilitated orthodontics. Case reports.

The results showed that the corticotomy procedure caused minimal changes in the periodontal attachment apparatus.

Regional accelerated phenomenon in the mandible following mucoperiosteal flap surgery.

Whether RAP occurs following mucoperiosteal flap surgery in the jaw bone is explored and large areas of radiolucency which correlated to massive resorption of the alveolar bone, as well as areas in the bone proper are revealed.

Rapid orthodontics with alveolar reshaping: two case reports of decrowding.

A new orthodontic method that offers short treatment times and the ability to simultaneously reshape and increase the buccolingual thickness of the supporting alveolar bone is demonstrated, lending credence to the incorporation of the bone augmentation procedure into the corticotomy surgery.

Stability and Relapse of Dental Arch Alignment*

Evaluation of treated premolar extraction cases, treated non-extraction cases with generalized spacing, cases treated by arch enlargement strategies, and untreated normal occlusions demonstrate similar physiological changes.

Retention and stability in orthodontics

Retention and Stability - An Overview Growth Considerations in Stability of Orthodontic Treatment Considerations of Dentofacial Growth in Long-Term Retention and Stability Perspectives in Orthodontic

Distraction Osteogenesis of the Facial Skeleton

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Efficient Orthodontic Repositioning of Teeth Maxillary Deficiency Lengthening and Widening of the Maxilla Mandibular Deficiency and Temporomandibular Joint Reconstruction Alveolar Reconstruction Reconstruction of the Jaws.