An Ever-Expanding War: Legal Aspects of Online Strategic Communication

  title={An Ever-Expanding War: Legal Aspects of Online Strategic Communication},
  author={Daniel Silverberg and Joseph Heimann},
  journal={The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters},
Nearly eight years after 9/11, senior US leadership is redefining the "war on terrorism" as a global counterinsurgency effort, one that requires both kinetic force and indirect, "smart power" collaboration by civilian agencies. "The Department of Defense has taken on many of these burdens that might have been assumed by civilian agencies in the past," said Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. "Forced by circumstances, our brave men and women in uniform have stepped up to the task, with field… 
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§164 also authorizes Combatant Commanders to employ forces, including PSYOP units
    See Lord regarding the revival of a discipline at the Pentagon focused on military support to public diplomacy
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