An Event Service for Pervasive Grids


Event driven paradigms have become the leading model for large classes of applications and environments. In particular, pervasive, ubiquitous, and grid computing, in which services dynamically plug in and get out, rely on middleware services that use communication channels and events to integrate and coordinate application level services. This work presents an advanced asynchronous communication service, which is a core component of a middleware, under construction, for pervasive grid environments. Such a service handles hierarchies of structured classes of events. In particular, events are grouped in hierarchies of classes. Producers and consumers can subscribe the communication service for one or more classes; i.e., a consumer that subscribes a class receives all the events of that class and of any other hierarchically upper. The implemented model relies on well established, structured paradigms as the producer/consumer model, the message passing model, and the heredity technique.

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