An Evaluation with a Location-based Mobile Multimedia Service


John Collomosse, Tim Jay, Kharsim Yousef, Martin Rieser, and Simon Jones T his article reports a user-experience study in which a group of 18 older adults used a location-based mobile multimedia service in the setting of a rural nature reserve. The prototype system offered a variety of means of obtaining rich multimedia content from oak waymarker posts using a mobile phone. Free text questionnaires and focus groups were employed to investigate participants’ experiences with the system and their attitudes to the use of mobile and pervasive systems in general. The users’ experiences with the system were positive with respect to the design of the system in the context of the surrounding natural environment. However, we found some significant barriers to their adoption of mobile and pervasive systems as replacements for traditional information sources. One market sector that has seen some research interest but little direct targeting of mobile and pervasive computing is that of older people. There has been relatively a little research on the overall user experience for older users, and the few attempts at designing systems with older users in mind have tended to focus on basic physical characteristics of the interface such as larger buttons and simpler displays. The few systems offered with this approach have seen a little commercial success. It is clear from findings such as those of Ofcom’s wide-ranging research [1], [2] that age is strongly correlated with attitudes to and uses of mobile phones. What is not so clear is the explanation for these effects. Rice and Carmichael [3] challenge the assumption that older people are generally technophobic. Like Mikkonen [4], they suggest that most older people are happy to embrace new technologies if they perceive a use for them and find them usable. In this study, we evaluated older people’s user experience of a prototype system offering location-based multimedia content on mobile phones. We worked with the

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