An Essential Hybrid Reasoning System: Knowledge and Symbol Level Accounts of KRYPTON


Hybrid inference systems are an important way to address the fact that intelligent systems have muiltifaceted representational and reasoning competence. KRYPTON is an experimental prototype that competently handles both terminological and assertional knowledge; these two kinds of information are tightly linked by having sentences in an assertional component be formed using structured complex predicates denned in a complementary terminological component. KRYPTON is unique in that it combines in a completely integrated fashion a frame-based description language and a first-order resolution theorem-prover. We give here both a formal Knowledge Level view of the user interface to KRYPTON and the technical Symbol Level details of the integration of the two disparate components, thus providing an essential picture of the abstract function that KRYPTON computes and the implementation technology needed to make it work. We also illustrate the kind of complex question the system can answer.

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