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An Esoteric Guide to Spencer-Brown's Laws Of Form

  title={An Esoteric Guide to Spencer-Brown's Laws Of Form},
  author={S. Miller},
  journal={Cybern. Hum. Knowing},
  • S. Miller
  • Published 2014
  • Art
  • Cybern. Hum. Knowing
This essay is an exploration of the question “what reflections might result from shining an esoteric/spiritual light upon George Spencer-Brown’s book, Laws of Form?” It is written as an informal guide, a commentary, and a playful esoteric romp with serious detours into epistemology, ontology, and second-order cybernetics. It follows the text of Laws of Form closely from beginning to end, but brings in a diverse number of perspectives, most specifically that of anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner’s… 

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