An Epidemiology of Premarital Sexual Behaviour in India: Exploring Gender Differences

  title={An Epidemiology of Premarital Sexual Behaviour in India: Exploring Gender Differences},
  author={Shri Kant Singh and Deepanjali Vishwakarma and Santosh Kumar Sharma},
  journal={Journal of Health Management},
  pages={389 - 412}
This article analyzes the social context of increasing premarital sex in India in a gender perspective, which affects the overall contexts, patterns and the characteristics of premarital sexual behaviour. The study has been conducted on data collected from 169,814 unmarried women and 40,003 unmarried men, a part of the Indian Demographic Health Survey (DHS), 2015–2016. Gender differences in premarital sex were pronounced, where unmarried men were five times more likely to have premarital sex… Expand
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