An Environment for Distributed Ontology Development Based on Dependency Management

  title={An Environment for Distributed Ontology Development Based on Dependency Management},
  author={Eiichi Sunagawa and Kouji Kozaki and Y. Kitamura and R. Mizoguchi},
This paper describes a system for supporting development of ontology in a distributed manner. By a distributed manner, we mean ontology is divided into several component ontologies, which are developed by different developers in a distributed environment. The target ontology is obtained by compiling the component ontologies. These component ontologies are identified according to their conceptual level or domain characteristics. The distributed development of ontologies applies to many… Expand
A Framework for Cooperative Ontology Construction Based on Dependency Management of Modules
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A holistic approach to collaborative ontology development based on change management
The methodological and technological approach is based on the formalization of the collaborative ontology development process by means of an explicit editorial workflow, which coordinates proposals for changes among ontology editors in a flexible manner, and a new form of ontology change representation is proposed. Expand
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Towards Methodological Principles for Ontology Engineering.
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CONGAS: A COllaborative Ontology Development Framework Based on Named GrAphS
ConGAS, a collaborative version of the Knowledge Management and Acquisition platform Semantic Turkey which, exploiting the potentialities brought by recent introduction of context management into RDF triple graphs, offers a collaborative environment where proposals for ontology evolution can emerge and coexist, be evaluated by team users, trusted across different perspectives and eventually converged into the main development stream. Expand
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Dynamic ontology version control
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Organizing Role-concepts in Ontology Development Environment: Hozo
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Development of an environment for building ontologies which is based on a fundamental consideration of “relationship” and “role”
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Hozo: An Environment for Building/Using Ontologies Based on a Fundamental Consideration of "Role" and "Relationship"
Hozo is based on an ontological theory of a role-concept that can distinguish concepts dependent on particular contexts from so-called basic concepts and contribute to building reusable ontologies. Expand
The Semantic Web — ISWC 2002
A full-fledged Web Service Modeling Framework (WSMF) is defined that provides the appropriate conceptual model for developing and describing web services and their composition and is based on the following principle: maximal de-coupling complemented by scalable mediation service. Expand
Management of dependency between two or more ontologies in an environment for distributed development
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Stojanovic: User-driven Ontology Evolution Management
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Johontology for Modeling the World from Problem Solving Perspectives
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