An Enterprise Architecture Approach towards Environmental Management

  title={An Enterprise Architecture Approach towards Environmental Management},
  author={Ovidiu Noran},
  • O. Noran
  • Published in EAI2N 20 September 2010
  • Business, Computer Science
Environmental responsibility is fast becoming an important aspect of strategic management as the reality of climate change settles in and relevant regulations are expected to tighten significantly in the near future. Many businesses react to this challenge by implementing environmental reporting and management systems. However, the environmental initiative is often not properly integrated in the overall business strategy and as a result the management does not have timely access to appropriate… 

Enterprise Architecture as a Tool for Managing Corporate Social Responsibility

This paper proposes enterprise architecture (EA) as a suitable tool to fill this gap and facilitate in turn CSR reporting and presents a meta-model which provides a CSR-oriented EA view.

BPTrends Redesign Methodology (BPRM) for the Development Disaster Management Prevention Information System

Indonesia's forest fire disaster is still much happening and has become a national problem; if it is not handled thoughtfully, it can be a threat to worry about, and can disrupt the Indonesian

IS/IT Framework for Disaster Mitigation on Forest Fires Using TOGAF

This paper study about how the issues above will be input for research to solve the information system and information technology (IS/IT) framework for disaster management on forest fire.

Strategic Planning to Build Transformational Preparedness: An Application of Enterprise Architecture Practice

Enterprises are continuously evolving systems; this evolution can be directed or emergent. Enterprise transformation has special aspects due to the enterprise being a socio-technical system whereupon



Engineering the Sustainable Business: An Enterprise Architecture Approach

Sustainability has always been an essential issue for the profitable business. Nowadays however, environmental responsibility is fast becoming just as important as economic viability as climate

Environmental management systems

Purpose – To demonstrate the importance of environmental management systems (EMS) in achieving overall sustainability within organisations, by reducing ecological impacts of economic activities and

Environmental Management Systems and Information Management - Strategic-Systematical Integration of Green Value Added

It is necessary to include environmental management in the IT planning processes to foster an integrated information systems architecture that supports an enhanced legal compliance and the identification of cost optimization potentials.

Integrating Environmental Management to Improve Strategic Decision-Making Ingar Nilsson

Today, many companies have identified the strategic importance of the environmental area but few have taken the consequences of this recognition. Driving forces for this development are, among

A Meta-methodology for Collaborative Networked Organisations: Creating Directly Applicable Methods for Enterprise Engineering Projects

In the current global market, organizations worldwide often need to come together in order to bid for and execute projects whose requirements go beyond their individual competencies. Collaborative

Towards a Meta-Methodology for Collaborative Networked Organisations

  • O. Noran
  • Business
    Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks
  • 2004
The concepts, design and possible implementations of such a meta-methodology for the creation and operation of CNOs are described and conclusions on the feasibility of the concept and design effort are presented.

The Use of GERAM for Design of a Virtual Enterprise for a Ship Maintenance Consortium

Chapter XXI describes the application of the generalized enterprise reference architecture and methodology (GERAM) in analyzing the ANZAC ship alliance (ASA). The chapter discusses the details of the

A decision support framework for collaborative networks

  • O. Noran
  • Business
    Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks
  • 2007
A framework for a decision support system that can help managers and enterprise architects discover/update the main activities and aspects that need to be modelled for various enterprise task types, with special emphasis on the creation of VOs is proposed.

Refining a meta-methodology for collaborative networked organisations: a case study

  • O. Noran
  • Business
    Int. J. Netw. Virtual Organisations
  • 2006
This paper presents a milestone in an iterative and reflective action research aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of a meta-methodology integrating current and future CNO creation and operation knowledge.

A Meta-Methodology Prototype for Collaborative Networked Organisations

This paper describes a milestone in the quest for a meta-methodology guiding the life cycle of CNs and their materialisations by explaining the final refinement and conclusions to a cyclic and reflective action research approach, which has resulted in the establishment of an implementable meta- methodology prototype for CN(O)s.