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An Enhanced Scheduling Technique for Modular Construction Manufacturing

  title={An Enhanced Scheduling Technique for Modular Construction Manufacturing},
  author={M. Moghadam and M. Al-Hussein},
Modular construction manufacturing (MCM) is potentially built through a more efficient and cost-effective method compared to the on-site construction practice. The increased interest in manufacturing of the building construction process demands special methods of design and manufacturing to improve production efficiency. MCM provides opportunities to apply Lean for production efficiency in the plant, including eliminating waste and supporting the delivery of customized products in a shorter… Expand


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* Starting from Need* Evolution of the Toyota Production System* Further Development* Genealogy of the Toyota Production System* The True Intention of the Ford System* Surviving the Low-Growth Period
Comparative analysis between manufacturing and construction enterprises on the use of formalized quality management systems.
  • Journal of Industrial Technology,
  • 2006