An Enhanced Evaluation Approach : Computer Science and its Framework

  • M . Satoskar
  • Published 2013


Principles of an enhanced evaluation approach through Computer Science is introduced. Functions of education process as knowledge delivery and assessment are analyzed. Structural formation is presented using drafting function, describing function, developing function and diagnosing function. A new and unique evaluation schema for analyzing weakest area of student is introduced. The rigorous formation of enhanced evaluation approach becomes an essential segment of framework design and development. It is described how this enhanced evaluation approach (EEA) can help students to assess themselves by this framework. The structure of framework formation and aims and objectives of the research are introduced. Enhanced evaluation approach incorporates all the prior traditional and modern approaches. Need of Computer Based Individual Enhanced Evaluation Approach and its algorithm are described. Modern ways for bona fide knowledge management are introduced. Development schemes of framework and directions for further research, its usability and future work are discussed.

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