An Enhanced Distributed Model for Reliability Evaluation of Power Distribution Systems


Reliability assessment is the most important factor in designing and planning of distribution systems that should operate in an economic manner with minimal interruption of customer loads. The main aim of this paper is to develop interoperable services for power distribution systems reliability evaluation using SOAP communication in which the reliability data is included as attachment within the SOAP message. The proposed XML based SOAP with attachment model is composed of Power System Reliability service provider and Reliability Service Requester. The Power System reliability services are designed to enhance the interoperability based on standards such as HTTP, XML and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). The data pertaining to Power Systems reliability analysis are represented in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for exchanging the reliability data among the users and service providers. The calling sequences of reliability evaluation services along with required data are configured as SOAP messages. The proposed model for Distribution system reliability evaluation provides flexible loosely coupled as well as high-efficient integration architecture in the deregulating and competitive electric market and has inherent features such as scalable and reliable environment for Power Systems reliability analysis.

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