An Energy Stable Approach for Discretizing Hyperbolic Equations with Nonconforming Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

  title={An Energy Stable Approach for Discretizing Hyperbolic Equations with Nonconforming Discontinuous Galerkin Methods},
  author={Jeremy E. Kozdon and Lucas C. Wilcox},
  journal={Journal of Scientific Computing},
When nonconforming discontinuous Galerkin methods are implemented for hyperbolic equations using quadrature, exponential energy growth can result even when the underlying scheme with exact integration does not support such growth. Using linear elasticity as a model problem, we propose a skew-symmetric formulation that has the same energy stability properties for both exact and inexact quadrature-based integration. These stability properties are maintained even when the material properties are… 

A hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin solver for elliptic equations in numerical relativity

A novel hp-adaptive numerical scheme for curvilinear and non-conforming meshes that uses a multigrid preconditioner with a Chebyshev or Schwarz smoother to create a very scalable discontinuous Galerkin code on generic domains.

A unifying algebraic framework for discontinuous Galerkin and flux reconstruction methods based on the summation-by-parts property

The multidimensional summation-by-parts (SBP) property is used to establish the discrete equivalence of strong and weak formulations, as well as the conservation and energy stability properties of a broad class of DG and FR schemes.

Mortar-based entropy-stable discontinuous Galerkin methods on non-conforming quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes

This work reduces this expense by introducing an entropy-stable mortar-based treatment of non-conforming interfaces via a face-local correction term, and provides necessary conditions for high-order accuracy.

Free-Stream Preservation for Curved Geometrically Non-conforming Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Elements

The under integration of the volume terms in the discontinuous Galerkin spectral element approximation introduces errors at non-conforming element faces that do not cancel and lead to free-stream preservation errors, which results in eight constraints on the geometry that preserve a constant state.

GAPS: GPU-acceleration of PDE solvers for wave simulation

GAPS is developed, an efficient and scalable, GPU-accelerated PDE solver for Wave Simulation, by using hardware-and data-movement-aware algorithms, and several optimization strategies are presented, including kernel fusion, Look-Up-Table-based neighbor search, improved shared memory utilization, and SM-occupancy-aware register allocation.




An Energy Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Discretization for Variable Coefficient Advection Problems

This work develops a stable split-form discontinuous Galerkin spectral element method for the solution of variable coefficient linear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws and approximate the two-dimensional problem.

Conservative and Stable Degree Preserving SBP Operators for Non-conforming Meshes

This work presents a novel class of SBP–SAT operators that maintain conservation, energy stability, and have no loss of the degree of the scheme for non-conforming approximations.

Weight-Adjusted Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Curvilinear Meshes

Numerical and computational experiments verify the accuracy and performance of WADG for a model problem on curved domains and show that high order accuracy is preserved under sufficient conditions on the mesh.

On the Quadrature and Weak Form Choices in Collocation Type Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Methods

Two formulations of tensor product discontinuous Galerkin spectral element approximations are shown to be algebraically equivalent with either Gauss or Gauss-Lobatto quadratures when global polynomial interpolations are used to approximate the solutions and fluxes within the elements.

A Conservative Staggered-Grid Chebyshev Multidomain Method for Compressible Flows. II. A Semi-Structured Method

A Chebyshev multidomain method that can solve systems of hyperbolic equations in conservation form on an unrestricted quadrilateral subdivision of a domain and communication between subdomains is done by a mortar method in such a way that the method is globally conservative.

Analysis of an hp-Nonconforming Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Method for Wave Propagation

A mortar-based nonconforming approximation is developed to treat both $h- and $p-nonconforming meshes simultaneously and is constructed in such a way that consistency, stability, and convergence analyses for non Conforming approximations follow the conforming counterparts with minimal modifications.

Weight‐adjusted discontinuous Galerkin methods: Matrix‐valued weights and elastic wave propagation in heterogeneous media

This work presents a DG formulation of the symmetric form of the linear elastic wave equation, with upwind‐like dissipation incorporated through simple penalty fluxes, and numerical results confirm the stability and high‐order accuracy of weight‐adjusted DG for several problems in elastic wave propagation.