An Empty Signifier: The Blue-and-Yellow Islam of Sweden

  title={An Empty Signifier: The Blue-and-Yellow Islam of Sweden},
  author={A. Carlbom},
  journal={Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs},
  pages={245 - 261}
  • A. Carlbom
  • Published 2006
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs
Abstract This article argues that multiculturalism, as an ideology, is a problem when it comes to understanding Islam and Muslims in contemporary Sweden. The ideology, which is built upon powerful norms that demand “acceptance” and “tolerance” of the Muslim Other, forms an ideational structure that makes Swedish scholars describe all Muslim individuals and groups in terms of Blue-and-Yellow Islam (the colors of the Swedish flag). In the article, with the help of empirical examples mainly from… Expand
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