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An Empirical Study of End-User Behaviour in Spreadsheet Debugging

  title={An Empirical Study of End-User Behaviour in Spreadsheet Debugging},
  author={Brian Bishop and Kevin McDaid},
Very little is known about the process by which end-user developers audit and debug spreadsheets. Any research pertaining to the development of spreadsheet debugging methodologies or automated spreadsheet auditing tools would benefit from information on how people actually perform the debugging process in practice. This paper describes our current ongoing experiment designed to record and analyse the behaviour of industry professionals in the debugging of spreadsheets. The results of this… 
Range Names - A Risky Practice in Spreadsheet Development?
The aim of this paper is to compare the reliability of simple spreadsheet formulas developed by intermediate users through both cell references and range names, and find that, contrary to widespread opinion, the use of range names does not improve the quality of spreadsheets.
Effect of Range Naming Conventions on Reliability and Development Time for Simple Spreadsheet Formulas
It is found that the choice of naming convention can have a significant impact on novice and intermediate users' performance in formula development, with less structured naming conventions resulting in poorer performance by users.
Voice-controlled Debugging of Spreadsheets
The study showed that voice, despite its advantages, proved to be slower and less accurate, however, it also revealed ways in which the technology might be improved to redress this imbalance.
Evaluating Mobile Applications: A Spreadsheet Case Study
The range of usability issues encountered at all stages of the mobile app life cycle is described, from when users begin to search for an app to when they finally remove the app from their device.
Voice Recognition Technology for Spreadsheet Navigation and Information Retrieval
This work aims to look at the use of a Natural Language Interface to provide an easier means of interaction with information retrieval tools for novice spreadsheet users.
Intelligent Voice Navigation of Spreadsheets: An Empirical Evaluation
This paper outlines the iVoice system and details an experiment that was conducted to determine the efficiency of iVoice when compared to a leading voice recognition technology.
Intelligent Voice Navigation of Spreadsheets
This paper outlines the iVoice system and details an experiment that was conducted to determine the efficiency of iVoice when compared to a leading voice recognition technology.
Evaluation of an Intelligent Assistive Technology for Voice Navigation of Spreadsheets
The iVoice system, which replicates common spreadsheet auditing behaviours through simple voice commands, is outlined and the results of a study to evaluate iVoice when compared to a leading voice recognition technology are summarized.


What we know about spreadsheet errors
Although spreadsheet programs are used for small "scratchpad" applications, they are also used to develop many large applications, and error rates are in line with those in programming and other human cognitive domains.
Integrating automated test generation into the WYSIWYT spreadsheet testing methodology
Two techniques for generating test cases are described, one involving random selection and one involving a goal-oriented approach, and their integration into the testing environment, and results of an experiment examining their effectiveness and efficiency are reported.
The use of spreadsheets in organizations: Determinants and consequences
Classification of Spreadsheet Errors
A framework for a systematic classification of spreadsheet errors is described, aimed at facilitating analysis and comprehension of the different types of spreadsheeterrors.
An experimental study of spreadsheet presentation and error detection
Students sought eight errors planted in a single-page spreadsheet to discover if differences in the presentation format would facilitate error-finding performance, and found the on-screen treatments were clearly inferior to the paper treatments whether or not formulas were presented.
Factors Affecting the Ability to Detect Spreadsheet Errors
The subject of spreadsheet error detection is examined in detail and an experiment designed to identify those factors influencing the error-detection capabilities of a sample of spreadsheet users is described.
The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London
The author suggests that the City of London is presently exposed to significant reputational risk through the continued uncontrolled use of critical spreadsheets in the financial markets and elsewhere.
Stop that Subversive Spreadsheet!
This paper documents the formation of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG www.eusprig.org) and outlines some of the research undertaken and reported upon by interested parties in
Classification of Spreadsheet Errors . European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group Symposium
  • 2000