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An Empirical Mega-Analysis of Retail Locations: Value Platforms, Real-Estate Maturity, and Deployment Decisions

  title={An Empirical Mega-Analysis of Retail Locations: Value Platforms, Real-Estate Maturity, and Deployment Decisions},
  author={L. Joseph},


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  • The Professional Geographer 50(1): 46–57.
  • 1998
The highest two peaks were for the 0-399 and 400-799 kilometer inner rings
  • Both of these bands would alternate between swash and backwash for the remaining periods. One subarea that did not experience swash in the early 1990s was the 1,200-1,599 kilometer range, which had slight backwash. This band’s highest swash, however, occurred in the late 1990s, with
  • 1990
Spatial strategies in retailing
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  • 2007