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An Empirical Analysis Of Impulsive Buying Behavior In Pakistan

  title={An Empirical Analysis Of Impulsive Buying Behavior In Pakistan},
  author={Tariq Jalees},
  journal={Market Forces},
The purpose of this research was to identify the variables related to impulsive buying, identify the relationships of these variables, ascertain their validity in Pakistan and empirically test the derived hypotheses. The dependent and independent variables of this study are impulsive buying behavior, individualism, collectivism, moods and proximity. Based on the above variables a close ended questionnaire was developed containing two to three sub-variables. The questionnaire was administered to… 
Determinants of impulsive and obsessive buying Behavior: A Moderation and Mediation analysis
This research seeks to investigate the factors that make young adults materialistic and the outcomes of their materialistic approach.  the study focuses on mediating the role of materialism between
The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of materialism on impulsive buying behavior considering credit card use and brand loyalty as mediators between the relationship of
Life stressors and compulsive buying behaviour among adolescents in India: Moderating effect of gender
Purpose – The compulsive buying (CB)behaviour has become topics of increasing interest to researchers and policy makers, particularly because researches have shown that it can influence consumer
The Effects of Having, Feeling, and Thinking on Impulse Buying in European Adolescents
ABSTRACT There is an abundance of research on impulse buying tendencies (IBT), yet few studies have used adolescent samples, especially in Europe. The aim of the present study was to examine the
Impulsive buying, cultural values dimensions, and symbolic meaning of money: A study on college students in Indonesia's capital city and its surrounding
Impulsive buying is an interesting research topic for psychologists and economists for its practical implications in the daily lives of producers, marketers and consumers in the trading world. The
Effect of Education, Income and Gender on Impulsive Buying Among Indian Consumer an Empirical Study of Readymade Garment Customers
The impulsive buying occurs when an individual makes an unintended, unreflective, and immediate purchase. The objective of present study was to investigate the effect of Education, Income and Gender
Marketing in a dynamic environment-academic and practical insights
The impulsive buying behavior is a phenomenon that made variety of researchers engaged with inconsistent research findings. This paper offers the review of the research on impulsive buying behavior
This paper investigates relationship between impulse buying and consumers‟ characteristics which include consumers‟ age, gender, income, geographical orientation and cultural orientation. Primary
Buying Intention and Buying Behavior towards Chicken Meat in Pakistan: Empirical Evidence from a Consumer Survey
Lot of available literature discusses determinants of food consumption behavior. This study aims to provide an evidence of determinants of chicken meat consumption behavior, within a framework of the
Store atmosphere and impulse: a cross-cultural study
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of store atmosphere on consumers’ positive emotional responses and impulsive purchase behaviour. In addition, it analyses the


The Influence of Culture on Consumer Impulsive Buying Behavior
Impulse buying generates over $4 billion in annual sales volume in the United States. With the growth of e-commerce and television shopping channels, consumers have easy access to impulse purchasing
Development and Validation of the Impulse Buying Tendency Scale
The results of four studies designed to develop and validate the Impulse Buying Tendency Scale are presented, indicating that the scale is unidimensional and internally consistent.
The Buying Impulse
What is impulse buying? Despite the marketing and lifestyle factors that encourage it today, impulse buying is not yet well understood. This is due in part to the longstanding absence of a compelling
Normative Influences on Impulsive Buying Behavior
Although consumer researchers have investigated impulse buying for nearly 50 years, almost no research has empirically examined its normative aspects. This article presents conceptual and empirical
Time-inconsistent Preferences and Consumer Self-Control
Why do consumers sometimes act against their own better judgment, engaging in behavior that is often regretted after the fact and that would have been rejected with adequate forethought? More
Attention in delay of gratification.
The role of altcntional processes in voluntary delay of reward was explored by manipulating children's attention to the rewards for which they were waiting in a delay-of-gratification paradigm, and voluntary waiting time was substantially increased when subjects could not attend to rewards during the waiting period.
Relative Importance of Impulse-Buying in Retail Stores
to a greater intensity in the areas now covered and to new areas. Two factors might make that possible: (I) reduced cost of transportation, which does not seem to be as important in the case of