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An Elmendorf-Piacenza type Theorem for Actions of Monoids

  title={An Elmendorf-Piacenza type Theorem for Actions of Monoids},
  author={Mehmet Akif Erdal},
Let M be a monoid and G : Mon → Grp be the group completion functor from monoids to groups. Given a collection Z of submonoids of M and for each N ∈ Z a collection YN of subgroups of G(N), we construct a model structure on the category of M -spaces and M -equivariant maps, in which weak equivalences and fibrations are determined by the standard YN model structures on G(N)-spaces for all N ∈ Z. We also show that there is a small category O(Z,Y) such that, under mild conditions on Z and YN ’s… 


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