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An Ehrenfeucht-Fra\"{i}ss\'{e} Game for $L_{\omega_1\omega}$

  title={An Ehrenfeucht-Fra\"\{i\}ss\'\{e\} Game for \$L\_\{\omega\_1\omega\}\$},
  author={Jouko Vaananen and Tong Wang},
Ehrenfeucht-Fräıssé games are very useful in studying separation and equivalence results in logic. The standard finite Ehrenfeucht-Fräıssé game characterizes equivalence in first order logic. The standard EhrenfeuchtFräıssé game in infinitary logic characterizes equivalence in L∞ω. The logic Lω1ω is the extension of first order logic with countable conjunctions and disjunctions. There was no Ehrenfeucht-Fräıssé game for Lω1ω in the literature. In this paper we develop an Ehrenfeucht-Fräıss… 

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