An Efficient Sparse Regularity Concept

  title={An Efficient Sparse Regularity Concept},
  author={Amin Coja-Oghlan and Colin S Cooper and Alan M. Frieze},
  booktitle={SIAM J. Discrete Math.},
Let A be a 0/1 matrix of size m × n, and let p be the density of A (i.e., the number of ones divided by m · n). We show that A can be approximated in the cut norm within ε ·mnp by a sum of cut matrices (of rank 1), where the number of summands is independent of the sizem ·n of A, provided that A satisfies a certain boundedness condition. This decomposition can be computed in polynomial time. This result extends the work of Frieze and Kannan [16] to sparse matrices. As an application, we obtain… CONTINUE READING
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