An Efficient Distributed Clustering Scheme for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks


In ad-hoc mobile radio networks, nodes are organized into non-overlapping clusters. These clusters are independently controlled and dynamically reconfigured when the topology changes. This work presents a Distributed Label clustering scheme (DL) that partitions nodes into clusters using a weight-based criterion. The DL scheme allows the border nodes to determine their roles first to avoid selecting unsuitable clusterheads. In order to resolve the clusterhead change problem, the DL scheme restricts the number of clusterhead changes. The DL scheme also restricts the size of the virtual backbone by reducing the number of clusters. This scheme is distributed and can be executed at each node with only the knowledge of one-hop neighbors. The simulation results demonstrate that our scheme outperforms other clustering schemes in terms of the number of clusters, stability of the clusters and control overhead when the topology changes.

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